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Condition of part: Used – Common   –   Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is still available to purchase New.

Manufacturer: Frigidaire

Appliance: Refrigerator

Description: White double wide Crisper drawer, found in 28″ Fridge (15 cu.ft. and 17 cu.ft.). Also known as Drawer, Fruit and Vegetable trays, Vegetable drawer. Dimensions (Approx.) –  Width: 23″ Depth: 15.25″  Height: 7 3/4″

Can be swapped out with two Single crisper drawers (P# 240364501)

Part number Listed on the product:  2403977

Most Current Replacement Part Number: 240397701

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): 917349, AH430447, AP2116270, B001ICW73M, EA430447, EAP430447, PS430447

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in:  FFTR15D0PW0, FRT14A2AW0, FRT14A2AW1, FRT14A2AW2, FRT14A2AW3, FRT14A2AW4, FRT14A2AZ0, FRT14A2AZ1, FRT14A2AZ2, FRT14A2AZ3, FRT14A2AZ4, FRT15A2DW0, FRT15A2DW1, FRT15A2DW2, FRT15A2DW3, FRT15A2DW4, FRT15A2DZ0, FRT15A2DZ1, FRT15A2DZ2, FRT15A2DZ3, FRT15A2DZ4, FRT17A2AQ0, FRT17A2AQ1, FRT17A2AQ2, FRT17A2AQ3, FRT17A2AQ4, FRT17A2AW0, FRT17A2AW1, FRT17A2AW2, FRT17A2AW3, FRT17A2AW4, FRT17A2AZ2, FRT17A2AZ3, FRT17A2AZ4, WRT15GA2AQ1, WRT15GA2AW1, WRT7A2EW0, WRT7A2EW1, WRT7A2EW2, WRT7A2EW3, WRT7A2EW4, WRT7A2EW5, WRT7A2EW6, WWTR1502KW0, WWTR1502KW3, WWTR1502KW4, WWTR1502KW5, WWTR1502KW6, WWTR1502KW7, WWTR1502KW8, WWTR1502KW9, WWTR1502KWB, WWTR1502KWD


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Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 65 × 50 × 30 cm