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Condition of part:    Used – Common    –    Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is still available to purchase New.

Manufacturer: Frigidaire

Appliance: Refrigerator

Description: Clear Crisper drawer, found in 30″ Fridge (21 cu.ft.) , This crisper drawer is a little longer to accommodate the extra depth in the 21 Cu.ft. Fridge. Dimensions (Approx.): Length: 12 1/4″ Depth: 29 1/2″  Height: 8 1/4″

Part number Listed on the product: 2403438

Most Current Replacement Part Number: 240343803

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): 240343801, 240343805, 240343806, 240343808, 240343809, 891082, AH429919, AP2115895, EA429919, EAP429919, PS429919

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in: BRT217TGW0, BRT21R6*, CRT215HP*, CRT215P*, CRT216HL*, CRT21HCDMW0, CRT21HSBMW0, CRTE217A*, CRTE217IA*, DGHT2144K*, FFHI2117L*, FFHI2126L*, FFHI2126P*, FFHI2131Q*, FFHT2021Q*, FFHT2116L*, FFHT2117L*, FFHT2117P*, FFHT2126L*, FFHT2126P*, FFHT2131Q*, FFHT2142L*, FFHT21X6MS*, FFTI2117LW0, FFTI2126N*, FFTR2021Q*, FFTR20D2Q*, FFTR2126L*, FFTR2131Q*, FFTR21D2PB0, FFTR21D2P*, FGHT2134K*, FGHT2144K*, FGHT2144P*, FGHT2146K*, FGTR2044Q*, FGTR2045Q*, FGUI2149L*, FGUI2149P*, FPHI2187K*, FPHI21X7LF0, FPHT21X2MF0, FPUI2188L*, FPUI2188PF0, FRT1S6ES*, FRT21B4*, FRT21BH8*, FRT21BSD*, FRT21BW8*, FRT21C5*, FRT21FD*, FRT21FG*, FRT21FR*, FRT21FS*, FRT21G*, FRT21H7*, FRT21H8*, FRT21HBBSB*, FRT21HC5*, FRT21HP5*, FRT21HR6*,FRT21HS6*, FRT21HS8*, FRT21IG3*, FRT21IL4*, FRT21IL5*, FRT21IL6*, FRT21IS6*


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 52 × 23 cm