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Updated January 2023 – DUE TO STAFFING CHANGES – Service work is currently postponed. We are not accepting any additional work at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

As a primary function, APA employs a number of specially trained service technicians who deliver low cost, independent, in home services for domestic appliances. Features of this service are: 

•Courteous knowledgeable repair technicians 

•Repair all major appliance brands 

•Major parts and tools on every truck 

•In home or at shop service 

•Estimates of parts provided prior to commencing work 

•Estimates of time and labour cost also available 

•Advice on when to repair or recycle 

•Lower rates for shop repairs 

•Lower than factory shop costs for all services 

Appliance Removal

For customers who have purchased appliances elsewhere, and who still need to have old appliances removed, APA offers a low cost pickup option. 

  • Drop off at our location – No charge
  • Pickup outside at your location – $30 for the first appliance, $5 each additional appliance.
  • Pickup Inside your location – $90.00 for the first appliance, $15 each additional appliance

We also stock a large variety of appliance parts. Call 204-233-2977 to inquire.