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Importance of Recycling 

Recycling of used appliances is practical for a number of reasons. Unlike cars or computers, most new appliances today are, by and large, very similar to old ones. There is no dramatic energy saving in a new stove or a new dryer compared to an old one. From the perspective of any kind of an automatic washer as well, the savings are also minimal. There is however a little difference and energy saving in refrigerator design. From a consumer perspective, if anything, new appliances may be lighter and less durable construction than old ones. 

Being that performance is relatively equal, the question is really only one of cosmetic appearance. If a person is prepared to put cosmetics aside, the main difference between a recycled appliance and a new is the price tag. So if saving money and being sensitive to recycling is important to you, APA is a company you should know. APA has by far, the city’s best selection of guaranteed refurbished appliances. 

For most consumers, recycling is about stuffing things into the blue box. It is useful to appreciate that the first R of the three “R’s”  REUSE, RENEW, RECYCLE IS “reuse”! If we can reuse older refurbished appliances we can avoid the large commitments of energy and resources required to manufacture new ones. We also provide more economic activity right in our own community. Both those responsible objectives are great but things get even better when families who acquire refurbished appliances find out that they also save money. 

Unfortunately, the North American appliance recycling industry is somewhat fractured with numerous small truck gatherers preferring to go directly to cash for scrap. The ability to continue to do this imperils the more expensive process of legitimately breaking down each item to its base components. A core reason is the archaic federal regulations which view appliances solely as scrap metal and enable this wasteful “dump and run” approach. 

Another factor in the expansion of appliance recycling is that numerous “ma and pa” service providers have little retail background to market their wares. In Winnipeg, Appareils Provencher Appliances stands alone in the forefront of bridging these approaches with a forward-looking integrated model. By understanding and dealing with the widespread application of the above two limiting factors for appliance recycling, it should not be surprising therefore that locally based APA has also pushed itself into the forefront of most other appliance recyclers in North America. 

A careful analysis of each piece collected allows a decision to be made on whether to refurbish and resell or break down for parts and hold as inventory or alternatively to break down for scrap. 

When a scrap decision is made it involves a commitment to get the highest and best return for the scrap which means breaking things down far enough and pure enough to trigger the best scrap prices. 

Certification Process 

Manitoba has a collection program for paper and plastic recyclables. The program, although expensive, is reasonably well-received and is operated quasi publicly. Funds are generated by a levy on beverage sales.

Residential electronic waste is covered in Manitoba through the efforts of a private sector collector who is subsidized by a general public funding process. No certificate is demanded as most of the material is shipped for incineration elsewhere. 

Hazardous waste oil is collected by private operators and the funds to accomplish this come from a stewardship program which sources its money from a consumer levy on the sale of liquids. Operators require a hazardous waste certificate. 

Derelict cars have not become a major problem due to the fact that the value of steel contained in them still provides enough of an incentive to encourage collection and crushing. Operators of this process are licenced. 

No program is currently in place which has allowed many poor practices. APA, however, is a member of the Manitoba Association of recyclers who commit to using best practice.

Appliance Removal

For customers who have purchased appliances elsewhere, and who still need to have old appliances removed, APA offers a low cost pickup option. 

  • Drop off at our location – No charge
  • Pickup outside at your location – $30 for the first appliance, $5 each additional appliance.
  • Pickup Inside your location – $90.00 for the first appliance, $15 each additional appliance

We also stock a large variety of appliance parts. Call 204-233-2977 to inquire.