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Condition of part:  Used – Common: Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is still available to purchase New.

Manufacturer: LG

Appliance: Fridge

Description: This part is used to support the crisper cover. It is located in the center position between the 2 Crisper Drawers

Part number Listed on the product: 4980JJ1016

Most Current Replacement Part Number: 4980JJ1016A

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): unknown

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in: 78412, 78413, LBN20511WW, LBN20512ST, LDC22735SB, LDC22735ST, LDC22735SW, LDC22738SB, LDC22738ST, LDC22738SW, LDN2273, LFC20740ST, LFC20740SW, LFC20745SB, LFC20745ST, LFC20745SW, LFC22760SB, LFC22760ST, LFC22760SW, LFC22760TT, LFC23760SB, LFC23760ST, LFC23760SW, LFC23969ST, LFD22860ST, LFD22860SW, LFD23860ST, LFD23860SW, LFX23961SB, LFX23961ST, LFX23961SW, LFX23965SB, LFX23965ST, LFX23965SW

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 15 cm