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New Part – Whirlpool – Fridge Door Handle, White (61002017)


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Condition of part: New – Rare: Brand new unused item. Boxed, unboxed, or damaged box or package that is no longer available to purchase new or is only available by special order.

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Appliance: Refrigerator

Description: This is a Plastic Handle, white in colour. Handle comes with 1 screw and 2 caps (1 screw missing).

Part number Listed on the product: 61002017 (Listed on packaging), no number listed on the part

Most Current Replacement Part Number: 61002017

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): 663971, AH2057888, AP4068695, EA2057888, EAP2057888, PS2057888

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in:  AT1521NDGW, ATB1511ARW, ATB1712ARW, ATB1912ARW, ATB2112ARW, CT15A2LW, CT15A2W, CT15F4W, CT15G4W, CT17A2W, CT17F4W, CT17G4W, CTB1521ARW, CTB1521GRW, CTB1522ARW, CTB1722ARW, CTB1722GRW, CTB1921ARW, CTB2122ARW, CTF1521ARW, CTF1722ARW, CTF1722GRW, CTF1921ARW, CTL1511AEW, CTL1511BEW, CTL1511GEW, CTL1911DEW, CTL1911GEW, CTM1521ARW, CTM1521GRW, CTM1522ARW, CTM1722ARW, CTM1722GRW, CTM1921ARW, CTM430, CTM480, CTM590, CTN1511AEW, CTN1511GEW, CTN1911DEW, CTN1911GEW, GT1510PXCW, GT1511PXCW, GT1511PXEW, GT1521FEDW, GT1521NDFW, GT1521NECW, GT1522NDFW, GT1581NKCW, GT1711PXCW, GT1711PXEW, GT1713PXFW, GT1721NDFW, GT1721NECW, GT1723NEHW, GT1723NVDW, GT1781NKCW, GT1911PXCW, GT1911PXEW, GT1913PXFW, GT1914PXFW, GT2114PXCW, JTB1742ARW, JTM1742ARW, MTB1521ARW, MTB1542ARW, MTB1742ARW, MTM1521ARW, MTM1542ARW, MTM1742ARW, NTB1511ARW, TR475NF, TR580NF

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 10 cm