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Condition of part:  Used – Rare: Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is no longer available to purchase new or is only available by special order.

Manufacturer: Samsung

Appliance: Range/Stove

Description: The bake element is at the bottom of the oven and supplies the heat for baking/cooking. The Bake element will sometimes be hidden by the base of the Internal oven Surface.

Part number Listed on the product: no number listed on the part

Most Current Replacement Part Number: DG47-00020B (Found using the model number)

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): Unknown

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in: FTQ352IWUW, NE595R1ABSR, FE710DRS, FTQ352IWUB, FTQ352IWUX, FTQ353IWUB, NE59J7630SS, NE58H9970WS, NE59J7750WS, NE58K9850WG, NE58F9710WS, NE58K9430SS, NE58F9500SS, NE58K9500SG, NE58H9950WS, NE58K9500SG, NE58H9950WS, NE597N0PBSR, NE59J7630SB, NE59J7630SG, NE59J7630SW, NE59J7650WS, NE59J7850WG, NE59J7850WS, NY58J9850WS, NE59N6630SS, NE59N6630SG, FE-N500WX, NE58K9560WS, NE58K9850WS, NE599N1PBSR, NE59M6850SG, NE59M6850SS, NE59N6650SS, NE59N6650SG, NE59J7850WS, NE58F9500SS, NE59J7630SB, NE59J7850WG, NE58F9500SS, NE58F9710WS, NE58H9970WS, NE59N6630SG, NE59N6630SS, NE59J7650WS, NE59J7630SG, NE58K9430SS, NE59J7630SW, NE59J7750WS, NE59M6850SG, NE59M6850SS, NY58J9850WS, NE59N6650SG, NE59J7630SS, NE59N6650SS, NE58K9560WS, NE58K9850WS, NE59R6631SS, NE58F9500SS, NE59R6631ST, NE59R6631SG, NE58R9311SS, NE58R9431SS, NE58R9431ST, NE59R6631SS, NE58K9850WS, FE710DRS, NE59R6631SG, NE58R9430SG, NE58K9850WG, NE59M6850SS, NE59R6631SS, FTQ307NWGX, FTQ386LWUX, FTQ387LWGX, NE58R9431SG


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Weight 1.525 kg
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 25 cm