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Condition of part:   Used – Common  –  Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is still available to purchase New.

Note that occasionally these elements will have small cracks in the ring around the element, we only sell them if the pieces are all present and snug. The small cracks will not affect the functionality of the element.

Manufacturer: Samsung

Appliance: Range/Stove

Description: This Radiant element is found under the Glass/Ceramic top stoves. This element would be for a Dual element. 204V, 3000<1400W

Note that this is an older style of this element – Newer styles look slightly different. Both should have the same functionality.

Part number Listed on the product: DG47-00067A

Most Current Replacement Part Number: DG47-00067A

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part):  Unknown

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in: Whirlpool: NE59J7630SB/AA, NE59J7630SG/AA, NE59J7630SS/AANE59J7630SS/AC, NE59J7630SW/AA, NE59N6630SG/AA, NE59N6630SS/AA, NZ30K6330RG/AA, NZ36K6430RS/AA, NZ30K7570RG/AA, NZ30K7570RS/AA, NZ36K7570RS/AA, NZ36K7570RG/AA, NZ30K6330RS/AA, NZ36K6430RG/AA, NE63T8511SS/AA, NE59T7511SG/AA, NE63A6511SS/AA, NE63A6511SS/AC, NE59R6631SS/AA, NE59R6631SS/AC, NE59R6631SG/AA, NE59R6631SG/AC, NE59R6631ST/AA, NE63A6511SG/AA, NE63A6111SW/AA, NE63A6111SS/AA, NE63A6311SS/AA, NE63A6311SG/AA


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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 cm