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Condition of part:   Used – Common   –   Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is still available to purchase New.

Manufacturer: LG

Appliance: LG – Front Load

Description: This lock is for a front load washer.  The lock prevents the washer door from opening during the wash cycle or spin cycle. Also known as a door lock latch, switch assembly.

Part number Listed on the product: 6601ER1004C, 6601ER1004B, 6601ER1004

Most Current Replacement Part Number: EBF49827801

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): 6601ER1004C, B00AYBLYVY, B01NBLGT27, ES1004C

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in: CW2079CW*, F12A1FD, WM0001HTM, WM0642HS, WM0642HW/01, WM0742HGA, WM0742HWA, WM1355H*, WM1377HW, WM1811CW, WM1812CW, WM1832CW, WM2010CW, WM2020CW, WM2042CW, WM2050CW, WM2075CW, WM2077CW, WM2101HW, WM2140CW, WM2233H*, WM2250CW, WM2277H*, WM2301H*, WM2411HW, WM2432HW, WM2442HW, WM2455HG, WM2455HW, WM2487H*, WM2496HSM, WM2496HWM, WM2497HWM, WM2501HVA, WM2501HWA, WM2601H*, WM2650H*, WM2655HVA, WM2677HBM, WM2688HNM, WM2688HWM, WM2701HV, WM2801H*, WM2901HVA, WM3001H*, WM3070HRA, WM3070HVA, WM3070HWA, WM3070RD, WM3150HVC, WM3360HRCA, WM3360HRCA., WM3360HVCA, WM3360HWCA, WM3455HS, WM3455HW, WM3470HVA, WM3470HWA, WM3470HWA/00, WM3477HW, WM3550HVCA, WM3632HW, WM3875HVCA, WM3885HCCA


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 3 cm