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Whirlpool Fridge – Crisper Cover (2195343)


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Condition of part:  Used – Rare  – Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is no longer available to purchase new or is only available by special order.

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Appliance: Fridge

Description: This is the frame that is above the Crisper Drawers. The Cover will support the Crisper Drawers. The Frame is Plastic. The Frame has an adjustable center bar.

***NOTE: Glass for cover sold separately see part WP2169921***

Part number Listed on the product: 2163835 (Center Rail), 2195343 (Frame)

Most Current Replacement Part Number: WP2314548 (one piece crisper – found using model number)

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): 1199633, 2163833, 2169916, 2174664, 2176216, 2176232, 2190580, 2195342, 2195343, 2200768, 2205374, 2221752, 2225155, 2300762, 2314494, 2314495, 2314496, 2314497, 2314498, 2314499, 2314548, AH11740349, AH1484608, AP3963908, AP6007237, EA11740349, EA1484608, EAP11740349, EAP1484608, PS11740349, PS1484608, W10221199, W10291228

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in: PARTIAL LIST – TOO MANY TO NAME ALL: 2ET18GMXJW00, 2VET20NKJN01, 3ET16NKXBG00, 3VET19GMFW00, 3XARG457WP00, 3XKVN490000, 4ET16NKXEN00, 4VET20NKGN00, 4YET18GKFN00, 5ET8GTKXKQ00, 5GR9SHKXLQ00, 5VET0WPKLQ00, 6ER9GTKXKS00, 6ET19DKXDN01, 7ET18PKXDN00, 7MET18GKDN00, 7RT18BKXEW00, 8ET16NKXDG00, 8GR9SHKXKT00, 8GT9FTKXST00, 8VET0WPKKQ00, 9ET16NKXDG03, A9RXNMFWB00, ATB1932MRB00, ER9FHKXTB00, ET16JKXBN00, ET8CHEXSB02, ET9AHTXLQ00, G9IXEFMWB00, G9RXXFMWB00, GARF19XXPK00, GR9FHKXPB00, GT19DKXGB01, GT9MHTXRQ00, 106.66862790


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Weight 3.75 kg
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 15 cm