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Condition of part:   Used – Common   –   Used part removed from a tested appliance, that is still available to purchase New.

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Appliance: Washer – Front Load

Description: This lock is for a front load washer. The lock prevents the washer door from opening during the wash cycle or spin cycle. Also known as a door lock latch.

Part number Listed on the product: 461970230081, 11730-63, 11730-62 – These are Production part numbers, not the manufacturer part numbers

Most Current Replacement Part Number: WP8183270

Other older Part numbers (May be compatible as a replacement part): 1419926, 8183197, 818327, 8183270, AH11745083, AP6011883, B0053F9NY6, B01N4SK18Z, EA11745083, EAP11745083, PS11745083

Possible Model Numbers that the Part can be used in: 7MMHW6000BW0, 7MMHW7000*, 7MWFW80HE*, BNQ11C6ANA0, BNQ11CVANA0, BNQ11DCANA0, MHW3000BG0, MHW3000BW0, MHW4200BG0, MHW4200BW0, MHW6000*, MHW7000*, MHW8000* MHW9000*, MHWE300VW*, MHWE400W*, MHWE450W*, MHWE500V*, MHWE550W*, MHWE950W*, NFW7500V, WFL98HEB*, WFW8640BC0, WFW8640BW0, WFW86HEB*, WFW88HEA*, WFW9200S*, WFW9300VU*, WFW9400S*, WFW9400V*, WFW9410XW00, WFW9451XW00, WFW9470W*, WFW94HEA*, WFW94HEX*, WFW9500T*, WFW9550W*, WFW95HEX*, WFW9600T*, WFW9630Y*, WFW9640XW00, WFW96HEA*, WFW9750W*, WFW97HEX*


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 10 cm